Charlie Feldman, Vice President, Creative, BMI

Both Vinny and Adam are experts in the recorded music business and their work ethic is second to none.  In this day and age the services that CEN provides are vital to the recording artist.  I trust Vinny’s and Adam’s talents and knowledge implicitly.


Greg Calbi, Mastering Engineer, Sterling Sound Mastering

No one out there now can help the emerging artist to navigate the current confusing landscape of music marketing better than CEN. Every one of the clients I’ve directed their way  has been educated and nourished by the care and professionalism which Vinny Rich  and Adam Pollock  provide to help bring their music to their potential audience.   

al moss.jpg

Al Moss - Al Moss Productions

I am always happy to connect artists with Vinny and Adam because I know they will be treated with the care, honesty, integrity, respect, and professionalism that they deserve, and that their music will be given it’s best chance for success. They are passionate about good music and know good music when they hear it. Al Moss, Al Moss Promotions



Robert Miller - Project Grand Slam/The Robert Miller Group

I have worked with Vinny and Adam of CEN for the past 4 years on 4 albums.  I have found them to be honest, forthright, knowledgeable, and fiercely loyal advocates for me and my music. I recommend them highly.



Jeff Kilgour - The Syndicate/Tijuana Gift Shop

I've been working with CEN for years and can always count on their integrity, honesty and creativity. They know quality music and are always open to new ideas to advance an artist's career in this ever-changing musical landscape


Mike Eldred - Mike Eldred TrioMike Eldred - Mike Eldred Trio

When I was shopping my record, “Baptist Town,” it was hard for other labels to take a chance on the themes the record was calling to attention. CEN stepped up and completely understood and embraced the vision. That in itself is a rarity today in this business.


Kat Robichaud - Kat Robichaud’s Misfit Cabaret/The Voice

It is an absolute pleasure working with Adam and Vinny. They have taken an interest in my career for many years and have helped to guide me in the right direction, including helping me get an audition for The Voice, which I then ended up reaching the top 10 finals. They are always there when I need help, especially in navigating this crazy music industry. I know I can trust them to give me the best advice. It's comforting to know I'm not alone in this business. 


Chris McKhool - Sultans of String

I really love working with the team at CEN. Together we have created great marketing plans and in 2017 we hit the NY Times Hit List and Billboard World Music charts with our Christmas Caravan album, totally surpassing my expectations! Thanks CEN for being so responsive and always putting your artists first. I feel like I am in great hands.


Rey Roldan - ReyBee PR

Having worked with a multitude of clients across the wide musical spectrum, CEN has always been at the top of my list for favorites for a number of reasons - their efficiency, expediency, accuracy and, most important, eye for quality makes them a top notch company.  I never have to question whether their heart is in this often heartless business because, at the root of it all, not only are they great team, they're music lovers too.


Travis Linville

After many years of working as a performing songwriter and musician, it was only when I joined up with CEN that I began to reach new audiences and people started paying attention.  Vinny and Adam are honest hard-working guys who truly care about the music and what is best for the artists they work with.  That’s the most and artist could hope for in a management or promotion team.


The Grahams

We’ve been working with CEN for almost five years now and we can’t say enough about their dedication, passion and constant support.  Adam and Vinny make an incredible team, both offering a unique perspective and an abundance of creativity.  As recording and touring musicians who are constantly moving forward, we have come to rely on CEN and their incredible knowledge, expertise and adaptability. Adam and Vinny, and the company they have built to support musicians, represent everything good and beautiful about the arts.