CEN Distribution

CEN offers numerous distribution options though our long-standing partnership with The Orchard. From Music to Video and Film The Orchard has been pioneering independent distribution for over twenty years and has over 30 offices across the globe. CEN’s services range from worldwide digital distribution to full-fledged marketing campaign management, all customized to the individual project.

Contact us to discuss the best distribution option for your release.


Looking to put out a new single? Have multiple singles you want to release over the course of a few months? No problem!

  • Strategic Release Planning
  • Spotify Playlist Pitching
  • Spotify Strategy
  • Apple/iTunes Promotion pitches
  • Amazon promotion pitch

Ready to release a new album or EP to the world? We can do that. 

  • Campaign Consultation
  • Strategic Release Planning
  • Spotify Pitching
  • Spotify Strategy
  • Apple/iTunes Promotion Pitches
  • Amazon Promotional Pitches

While physical sales have declined there’s still a market for CDs, and Vinyl is hotter than ever.

  • Distribution of any physical product in the U.S. and Canada
  • Consultation with Orchard sales reps
  • Retail placement and advertising
  • Assistance with album design and manufacturing

Looking for more services? 

Check out our services page to see how CEN can work with you to put together a team to work your release campaign. Check out our site, send us some music and we'll set up a meeting!