Since the beginning of time songs and music have been a way for stories to be told and passed from one generation to another. From stories of war and woe, to the blessed times of cultures that have since passed, or to share the history of an event, a song was often the way news was delivered.

It shouldn’t be surprising that songs are the foundation of our industry, that has never changed. Technology may change, from field recordings using one mic, to two, four, eight, and 24 track consoles, to pro-tools and Garage Band, but the one constant benchmark of success has always been the lyrical melodies that resonate in the hearts of others. The stories told, the feelings evoked in the hearts lifted, the smiles and even the frowns.

Songs are everything, they move into the listeners hearts and minds where they find a home.

Timeless songwriting will always be the only real and most important part of the music business. Without the songs you wont have streaming, downloads, or people coming to you shows.

Songs can’t be written with money in mind, they need to be centered in the healing that they cause. The medicine of music has always been with us and always will be just that, the universal medicine of life and its core. Blues, Rock, Country, Pop, Americana, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Rap, and Classical all thrive in the homes they find. Always be open to filling your home with the energy of life, GREAT SONGS…

By: Vinny Rich