Putting a Face to Your Distribution Company

Putting a face to your distribution company, and why it matters

We know we're being a little snarky with the "the alternative to faceless music distribution" tag line we have on our homepage, but one of us is a Gen Xer and snarky comes naturally. 

It is a point we want to emphasize with our company, however. One of the main complaints we get from new clients is that they've tried the other guys, the big companies who tout free or low cost music distribution, and while often time the process works out fine its not like they feel that anyone at those companies has their back. And when things don’t work out, like their album doesn't go up online correctly, or at all, there’s no one to call, no customer support besides an FAQ page.

CEN not only gives you a person at the end of the phone to talk to about the production details of your product, but also someone to help strategize your promotion and marketing campaigns. Bottom line we have faces, and they're all on display on the website. 

By: Adam Pollock